kristin chapman


a walk in the woods
nooks and crannies part 2 © kristin chapman 2017

nooks and crannies part 2 © kristin chapman 2017

Every year around my birthday, I take a short walk in the woods with my camera. I never know what I might stumble on, a hibernating ladybug cluster, tuffs of moss, intricate flora,  fragments of a wasps nest, fungus... oh the fungus. Its fun to wander and take note of the tiny things that depend on big things and the big things that depend on the smallest most minuscule of all things. When I am amongst the trees everything makes sense, it is beautiful and scary...because so much is unknown. I wish more people spent more time in the woods. I wish certain people spent any time in the woods. Spend time in the woods, let your children spend time in the woods. It is an incredible gift. k

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