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graphic design: logo

Earlier this year I worked on a fun project for an inspiring gal whom is embarking on the zero waste lifestyle. I love working on projects like this! They are empowering, inspiring and challenging both creatively and socially. Since this project I have made several small but mindful changes to help reduce and eliminate waste in my own home. And guess what you can too! Follow zero wasted on Instagram for more about waste free living, useful tips and inspiration.  

Rethinking Trash: I wanted to share a little logo development on the chosen concept I call “rethinking trash.” I started with a watercolor sketch, then went digitally with rough ideas which evolved into the final logo. This was not the only concept I presented, in fact it was a real rough sketch I almost didn’t include in the concepts I presented to my client. But it had potential, and well the best ideas start off rough and small.  k