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”creativity is contagious, pass it on”

— – albert einstein

Colorful Rain Clouds

Last month I did this project with about 9 kids ages 5-8. It was a fun project I found on pinterest at one little project at a time that was perfect for talking and demonstrating weather and rain. It's also great for learning about color mixing too. All you need is shaving cream, food coloring and a clear vessel. We used glass pitchers, vases, mason jars and a fish bowl (which worked the best)! You will also need small dishes to dilute the food coloring with water and eyedroppers or spoons. The kids really got into pouring the colors over the shaving cream and watching it slowly trickle down. It was so much fun to watch their faces lightup as the colorful rain worked their way through the clouds. This would be great project for warm weather outdoor play too. k